5G, AI & Digital Twins

Length: 2 Days - Instructor Led

According to one study, digital twins are expected to become a standard feature of IoT applications by 2025, with 88% of platforms containing at least some functionality.

5G, AI & Digital Twins is a 2 day course by Tonex. 5G and AI are the 2 most essential elements that strongly fuel future innovations, and they are inherently synergistic. AI advancements can help improve. Digital Twins: New Technology That Has Doubled in Importance Digital Twins have become doubly important to organizations. Key principles of Digital Twins and how it relates to integration of digital engineering, modeling and simulations, AI/ML, 3D and integration for service and product-related data and systems.

Program outline

Fundamentals of 5G
5G Networks, Integration, Migration
Intelligent Deployment
Digital Twin 101
Types of Digital Twins
Digital Twin Market and Industries
Practical applications: Case studies & Workshops

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